Deuces Wild Off-Road Triathlon CHANGE - We will be changing to an Off-Road Super Sprint in 2022 - details coming soon.


Known by athletes as one of the most exciting races, the Deuces Wild Off-Road Triathlon is a race that is great for intermediate racers all the way to professional.  With the swim at 6300' and the bike peaking out at 7000', there are plenty of ways to put yourself deep into the hurt locker. Bring your A-Game and get ready to have fun!  This race is comprised of an 850m open water swim, 20km mountain bike, and 8km trail run.

Race Start and Wave Information

7:30am - Rolling start for all participants

Swim Start and Course Description

The Swim Course will start from the boat ramp. A small area will be available for warm-up, but please be respectful of other athletes starting before you. The swim will be wetsuit legal.  The triangular one-loop course heads in a counter-clockwise direction back to the boat ramp.  Remember to keep all buoys on your LEFT. Look for the large buoys at all turns and at the start/finish area. Lifeguards will be in the water for your safety and will provide help if needed. Remember that wetsuit strippers will be available after the swim if you require assistance in getting your wetsuit off. Look for them off to your right on the way to transition.

Off-road Bike Course - 2-Loop Alternate being used due to forest and property closure

20 kilometers - CUT-OFF TIME 10:30 am - Note: we are still working on final adjustments to this course, so this map is just an approximation of the 2021 course.

Off-road Mountain Bike Course Description - 2 loops!

Due to a protected animal making its home along our normal course, plus a property closure in a nearby neighborhood, we are implementing an alternate Mountain Bike Course. This will be a two-loop course, and each loop begins with a climb out of Fool Hollow Lake toward the water tower. Riders will then take a dirt road down a fast descent heading toward 43rd Ave., but will turn right about half way down the hill for some fun ups and downs and turnaround before hitting Show Low Creek. Riders will cross 43rd Ave to a turnaround in the culverts under AZ-260. Once exiting the culverts, they will head back up the big hill past the green water tower, down a steep hill, loop back on dirt tracks, and add a quick out and back on pavement to the "hot corner" before starting the loop again. On the second time around, riders will turn into transition and head down the boat ramp for the start of the run. 

Off-road Run Course - Alternate being used due to forest closure

8 kilometers - CUT-OFF TIME 12:30 pm

Off-road Trail Run Course Description

Due to a protected animal making its home along our normal course, we are implementing our alternate course for 2021. The Trail Run portion of the Off-road Deuces Wild Triathlon offers athletes a mix of hills and flat terrain. The run course leaves transition via the boat ramp and makes its way to the famous green water tower. From there a steep decent followed by a challenging ascent will eventually bring you to the dirt trail around Fool Hollow Lake. After the flat out and back, the final challenge comes when athletes will ascend the stairs and head to the finish chute.

Good luck and have a great race!