Sprint AquaBike - Sunday

The Deuces Wild Sprint AquaBike follows the exact same swim course and bike course as the Sprint Triathlon.  Once you cross the timing station at the dismount line heading into T2 you are all done - no run for you!  AquaBike finishers will not cross the actual finish line on their bike; however, we encourage you to make your way to the finish line to collect your medal and partake in the post-race activities!



The Sprint triathlon swim course is the exact same course used for the XTERRA triathlon. Expected water temperature for the race is between 58 & 65 degrees.  Wetsuits are highly encouraged. We do abide by the USAT rules for wetsuit usage, which allows wetsuits to be used in water temperatures up to and including 78 degrees Farenheit. Between 78 and 84 degrees, wetsuits may be used, but participants will not be eligible for age group awards. Elites and Pros may only wear wetsuits in water temperatures up to and including 68 degrees.

The swim will be a triangular course (see map below).  Athletes will begin the race in the water or on the boat ramp depending on the water level on race day.  Wave information including swim start times can be found on our schedule. Once the swim begins, swimmers will proceed from the channel, veering right to the first large buoy. The course will be run in a counter-clockwise direction.  Once you hit the first large buoy, turn left and swim to the second large buoy. Remember to keep all buoys on your left.  At the second large buoy, turn left again and head for the finish.  You do not need to round any buoys as you come back into the channel - just make the turn and head to the boat ramp and swim finish.  For those athletes who would like help removing their wetsuits, volunteers will be available for support.  A designated area will be marked for this purpose.


This course is fast with a nice climb!!! Below is a turn-by-turn description of the course:

• 0.0 Start at the Fool Hollow Lake boat dock.
• Turn right onto Old Linden
• Turn right onto SR260
•  Turn right onto Lone Pine Dam Road.
•  Turn right onto Old 160 (becomes 43rd Ave)
• Turn left onto SR260 (Against Traffic in closed lane)
• Turn left onto Old Linden (against traffic in closed lane)
•  Turn left into Fool Hollow Lake
•  Transition