Show Low received its name when C.E. Cooley and Marion Clark decided there was not enough room for both of them in their settlement. The two men agreed to let a game of cards decide who was to move. According to the story, Clark said, "If you can show low, you win." Cooley turned up the Deuce of Clubs and replied, "Show Low it is."

Show Low's rich heritage has created a thriving town that has prospered due to its many resources and attractions. was pioneered by Native Americans and Mormons who settled the land. Today, people from all over the country are discovering the secret that residents have always known - Show Low is a great place to live, to own a business, to work and to enjoy our wonderful recreational opportunities.

Show Low's unique economy is based on an industry of tourism, retirement, commercial business and limited small manufacturing. Over the past 10 years, Show Low has experienced steady growth with entrepreneurs, retailers and young people moving to the area. A quality lifestyle and unique community atmosphere make living here a wonderful life experience. You can be as busy or as laid-back as you wish in a community with small town warmth and big city conveniences and activities.

For more information on the city of Show Low, please visit their official website or the Show Low Chamber of Commerce.


Imagine camping among 100-foot pine trees beside a quiet lake watching majestic great blue herons at a cool 6,300 feet in elevation. Year-round camping, fishing, picnicking, boating and wildlife viewing opportunities make Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area a very popular place. This 800-acre, cool, country recreation area with a 150-acre lake offers history, too.

The tiny town of Adair has long since been covered by the lake, but it was Thomas Jefferson Adair who was responsible for the name Fool Hollow. In 1885, Adair moved into the area with the intention of farming. The locals joked that only a fool would try and farm the place. The name stuck!

This state of the art recreation area, located in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, opened in 1994 as a result of an innovative partnership between Arizona State Parks, the U.S. Forest Service, Arizona Game and Fish, the City of Show Low, and corporate sponsors Arizona Public Service and McCarty Construction Company.

For more information on the park, please visit the official Arizona State Parks website for the Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area.