Triathlon Club and Team World Championship

Deuces Wild Endurance Festival is proud to announce the Triathlon Club and Team World Championships!  Well run clubs and teams are hard to come by and the work that all of the members put in deserves some recognition, so we are here to make that happen.  In order for your club or team to participate you must first register your club or team. After the designated person on your club/team has you registered, your members will then be able to select their designated club or team during registration (please allow 72-hours for processing). Awards will be determined by Club Scoring and Team Scoring.


Clubs and Teams are classified in the following groups:

Club/Team Definitions

  • Club: Clubs promote the growth of the sport and provide a social aspect.  If drinking beer and eating good food is as important as training and racing then you are a club. Click here for Club Scoring Details.
  • Team: Teams are here to kick ass and take names.  If your group eats, sleeps, trains and like to throw down the hammer at races then you are a team. Click here for Team Scoring Details.
    • Collegiate: If you are an officially recognized collegiate club or team.  All members must be currently enrolled in their representative college.  All colleges will race in the TEAM format.
    • High School: If you are on a High School club or team.  All members must currently be in high school or just graduated from high school. All High Schools will race in the TEAM format.

SIZE - for Clubs Only (Total registered members)

  • Small: 5-50 Members
  • Mid: 51-200 Members
  • Large: 200+ Members

Division - for Clubs and Teams

  • Co-Ed: Mix of men and women
  • Male: Male only club/team
  • Female: Female only club/team



Triathlon Clubs (Overall and Runner Up)

  • Men’s Triathlon Club – Small
  • Women’s Triathlon Club – Small
  • Co-Ed Triathlon Club – Small
  • Men’s Triathlon Club – Mid
  • Women’s Triathlon Club – Mid
  • Co-Ed Triathlon Club – Mid
  • Men’s Triathlon Club – Large
  • Women’s Triathlon Club – Large
  • Co-Ed Triathlon Club – Large

Running Clubs (Overall and Runner Up)

  • Running Club – Small
  • Running Club – Mid
  • Running Club – Large


Triathlon Teams (First, Second, Third)

  • Men’s Triathlon Team
  • Women’s Triathlon Team
  • Combined Triathlon Team

Collegiate Triathlon Teams (First, Second, Third)

  • Men’s Collegiate Triathlon Team
  • Women’s Collegiate Triathlon Team
  • Combined Collegiate Triathlon Team

High School Triathlon Teams (First, Second, Third)

  • Boy’s High School Triathlon Team
  • Girl’s High School Triathlon Team
  • Combined High School Triathlon Team

Running Teams (Overall and Runner Up)

  • Men’s Running Team
  • Women’s Running Team
  • Combined Running Team

Collegiate Running Teams (First, Second, Third)

  • Men’s Collegiate Running Team
  • Women’s Collegiate Running Team
  • Combined Collegiate Running Team

High School Running Teams (First, Second, Third)

  • Boy’s High School Running Team
  • Girl’s High School Running Team
  • Combined High School Running Team